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NEWS: Comedian Sami Hedberg to join Warrior Coffee

Was released on 20.12.2016

NEWS: Comedian Sami Hedberg to join Warrior Coffee

Sami Hedberg Warrior Coffee

Finnish multitalent, comedian Sami Hedberg has joined forces with Warrior Coffee. Sami supports Warrior Coffee with his multiple connections, PR and as well as an investor.

Sami Hedberg got introduced to butter coffee's benefits in 2015 when he was able to loose weight with nutritious food, sports and butter coffee.

"I know from my own experience how much joy as simple thing as butter coffee can bring to one's life. I was able to loose a significant amount of weight in 2015 and butter coffee was one of the essential elements during the project. When I got to know Warrior Coffee's team and products, I knew immediately that I want to be part of this story and support them go forward!" says Sami Hedberg.

Sami Hedberg is a very welcome addition to Warrior Coffee's team:

"Sami's energy, attitude and genuine passion to do things is a great match for our company. Our sense of humour and thoughts about developing the coffee culture are very similar. I couldn't be happier about this! Sami also knew Elastinen before hand from our team so let's see what is to come - for sure it's something groovy to renew coffee culture." says Warrior Coffee's CEO and Founder Riku Uski

Media inquiries:

Riku Uski, CEO, Warrior Coffee Oy Ltd, +358 44 555 5575, riku@warriorcoffee.com

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