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Warrior Coffee received Key Flag & Design from Finland marks

Was released on 15.8.2017

Warrior Coffee received Key Flag & Design from Finland marks

Finnish Service Warrior Coffee

Warrior Coffee has been granted with a Finnish Key Flag symbol and a Design from Finland mark.

Association For Finnish Work has granted the Finnish Key Flag symbol for Warrior Coffee’s Office Coffee Solutions. The Finnish Key Flag symbol can be granted for services and products, which operate in Finland.

The Office Coffee Solution service started from Warrior Coffee founder Riku Uski’s will to create and improve coffee culture at offices. Warrior coffee wants to offer companies more than just great coffee and equipment. The office coffee service offers (when needed) the whole concept design together with the customer and design partners, which fulfils company’s needs and can be connected to various business benefits. Warrior Coffee helps its clients to provide wellbeing and comfort at offices. Warrior Coffee’s office customers are various different size offices from small to big, including for example Tieto, Microsoft, GE Healthcare and Eficode.

“Creating meaningful office coffee solutions and developing the coffee culture at offices in Finland is our passion. It keeps us going and gives the will to create something new and different. For that reason, it’s important for us that our services offered for Finnish companies happens here in Finland. In a country, where people drink the most coffee in the whole world, we drink too much bad quality coffee. Our mission is to spread the Warrior attitude to our clients as well.” – Riku Uski, Founder, Warrior Coffee

What does it take from the company to achieve the Finnish Key Flag symbol?

  • The product or service has at least 50 percent domestic content
  • The Finnish Key Flag symbol tells that the product or service is manufactured in Finland and the service is offered by a Finnish company based in Finland
  • The headquarters and domestic ownership are based in Finland – the ownership of Warrior Coffee is 100 percent Finnish
  • The symbol helps customers to choose Finnish products and services, which communicates about quality and reliability

Read more: http://suomalainentyo.fi/en/se...

Learn more about our office coffee solutions.

Design from Finland symbol granted to Instant Butter Coffee

This well recognized symbol can be granted to products that are developed and designed in Finland. It represents quality and modern design. Design from Finland symbol is an indication of Finnish product development.

The single-packed butter coffee products were launched in April 2016. It has awoken interest all over the world with its unique idea and its user-friendly packing collects compliments. Warrior Coffee Instant Butter Coffee has two flavors: Warrior Coffee Original and Vanilla. The product contains ghee (clarified butter), coconut oil and high quality freeze dried coffee.

”We have put a lot of effort into product development, design and user-friendly packaging. We have created an convenient product that makes it easier for everybody to enjoy butter coffee wherever whenever. We are proud that our product development is based in Finland.”

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We’ve already had a huge role in improving many coffee cultures, is it your turn next? No matter if your office holds 5 or 5000 people, just call us and we’ll come for help – and make a lasting experience out of the average coffee break. If you have any questions, please contact us:


Warrior Coffee Founder Riku Uski

Riku Uski, Founder
+358 44 5555 575
riku at warriorcoffee.com


Hanna-Maria Penttinen, Marketing
+358 400 542 542
hanna at warriorcoffee.com

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