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Yerba Mate energizes and balances your day

Was released on 31.8.2017

Yerba Mate energizes and balances your day

Warrior Coffee Yerba Mate Organic

Have you ever heard about a drink that combines the best features of coffee and tea? It's mate. Warrior Coffee Yerba Mate Organic is here! Let us introduce you to our good friend.

Coffee? Tea? No – it’s mate. You may have heard about yerba mate - or even tasted it, but it is still rather unknown for most. In South-America, mate has been an important part of everyday life and social events for centuries. It’s believed that mate gives benefits for your body and mind. Some even say that it’s like a combination of coffee and tea with all their best features and it gives an amazing feeling.

Yerba Mate Warrior Coffee

What is mate?

Mate comes from a tree called yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis), which grows in Southern-America. Yerba mate leaves are hand-picked, dried, ground and stored. The taste is unique, but there is some similarity between mate and green tea. Besides caffeine mate contains many important nutrients: vitamins, antioxidants and minerals - for example potassium, iron, sodium and A-, B- and C-vitamins.

How to make mate?

The traditional way to enjoy mate is to drink it from a special mate gourd with a metal straw called a bombilla. The idea of bombilla is that it filters the leaves while you enjoy the steeped mate. In South-America drinking mate can be a ritual like social event. Mate cup is filled again and again to infuse all the magic of the beverage. In social events, it’s normal that people share the experience together drinking mate from the same gourd. For starters we anyway recommend easily steeping your mate in a filter bag or a french press

Warrior Coffee Yerba Mate

There is a whole bunch of studies talking about the health benefits of mate. You can enjoy the magic and the unique taste of mate from early mornings throughout the day without any expectations of superpowers - but don’t be surprised, if you get them! 

Once you befriend, you’ll have a lifelong mate!

Recipes for mate 

Steeped mate (making mate like tea)

  • 2-4 g yerba mate/ 2 dl 
  • Hot water from 70 to 80 degrees
  • Steeping time: 4 min
  • Suitable with: honey/ ginger/ lemon/ dried orange peel

1. Boil the water to max 80 degrees.
2. Add 2-4 g of yerba mate into the filter bag.
3. Steep your mate for 4 minutes and enjoy the energy boost! 

Notice that the water's temperature is important, when you steep the mate. Mate should be steeped in 70-80 degrees (you can use e.g. this to control exact water temperature). Hotter water makes mate more bitter. You can steep the same leaves a few times, by increasing the time of steeping - just explore and find your way to enjoy mate.

Warrior Coffee Yerba Mate

Biohacker's Mate Recipe

1. Brew the mate
2. Blend the brewed mate and other ingredients in a blender
3. Enjoy and be energized!

Want to feel the superpowers of mate? Get to know our Organic certified, super high quality yerba mate here.

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