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New coffee for dark roast fans: Warrior Coffee Super Dark

Was released on 16.4.2018

New coffee for dark roast fans: Warrior Coffee Super Dark

New coffee for dark roast fans: Warrior Coffee Super Dark

Warrior Coffee’s first Super Dark Coffee is here! Learn the philosophy behind our Super Dark Roast coffee.

The newest member of our Warrior Coffee Family is born: Warrior Coffee Super Dark. If you are a dark roast lover, our Super Dark’s sweet aromas will seduce you to coffee heaven. The origin of our Super Dark changes according to the seasonality of coffee. Our first Super Dark comes from Guatemala.

The origin of Warrior Coffee Super Dark

“When choosing a new coffee, we try many coffees from various origins and farms. We fell in love with this Guatemalan coffee because of it’s sweetness even though the coffee is roasted dark. The decision was easy”, says our Roast Master Lassi Korhonen.

Super Dark’s Guatemalan Arabica coffee grows in 1400-1800 meters above the sea level. Our coffees come from organic coffee farms which means exceptional quality and practices that embed the coffee with the most intriguing and enjoyable flavors. The taste profile of Super Dark has a hint of dark chocolate and almond.

“We wanted to have a dark roast on our selection because many people are more into dark roasts now-a-days. We can understand that as it brings much desired edge to any coffee moment without being a bad tasting, strong coffee. This is our darkest roast so far. The coffee is slowly roasted to lease the soft acidity from which Guatemalan coffees are known from.”

Coffee Roasters recommendation

Our Roast Master Lassi describes the coffee as a “warm hug on a breezy spring morning”.

He recommends to brew your coffee with Chemex. Measure 6 grams of coffee beans per one deciliter of water. The optimal water temperature is from 91 decrees to 94 decrees. This recipe brings out Super Dark’s special feature: softness.

Order yours here! Consider yourself warned though; once you go good there’s no turning bad. 

Organic Certified Specialty Coffee

Origin: Guatemala, small farms in various provinces
Altitude: 1400 - 1800 meters above sea level
Processing: Washed Arabica
Roast: Super dark roast (read more about our roastery here)
Taste Profile: Balanced and sweet, round, notes of almond and dark chocolate aroma
Perfect for: Filter coffee, French Press, Chemex, V60, AeroPress, Espresso

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