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Welcome aboard! Here are some companies and individuals, who have already joined the Warrior gang. Is it your turn now?


“Our recreation day started at Warrior Coffee where Riku gave us lots of interesting information about coffee and tea. During the very inspiring morning we got to taste selection of amazing coffees and teas and also delicious and healthy sweet treats made by Maija.

As career coaches we were also interested to hear the story behind Warrior Coffee. Great to see and feel all that positive energy when people are doing what they love.

Thank you Riku and the team for the morning at Warrior Coffee! That was a perfect start for our day!“

– Respa Project Team, City of Helsinki, Finland

"I really enjoy the soft and pleasant flavour profile of Warrior Coffee. It is a high quality product that makes you feel great before bed - because you're already dreaming about your morning coffee."

– Jaakko Halmetoja, Nutritionist, Finland

”Coffee is not just coffee, at least when speaking of a true Warrior Coffee. I used to dig Bulletproof coffee, but Warrior Coffee raises the coffee standard even higher. No toxins, amazing taste, sustainably grown and a long lasting boost in performance. What more could I ask from in a coffee?”

– Olli Sovijärvi, Medical Doctor, Finland

"For me a big cup of strong coffee is a favourite boost for both brain and body.

I drink my coffee black, or with some cinnamon and vanilla. On occasion I add some adaptogens or mix it with butter and MCT-oil. After trying AeroPress, I have been using these methods since.

As with food, I always choose that which is as pure and natural as possible. These same standards apply to my coffee. I always ground my beans myself and after trying my first cup of Warrior Coffee, the choice is simple. No other brand matches the taste and feeling I get."

– Sami Sundvik, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant, Finland

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