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Cafetto Barista Cleaning Cloth Set

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Cafetto Barista Cleaning Cloth Set

Cafetto Barista Cloths are premium quality microfibre cloths designed to assist the barista maintain complete cleanliness of the espresso machine and its surrounds. These high performance cloths have been thoroughly tested to prove they perform to the highest standard and last the test time.

Barista Clip Cloth x 1 - Grey. 30x60cm with belt clip

  • Designed to thoroughly clean the group handles and filters. The rectangular shaped cloth clips to the barista's belt for easy accessibility.
Steam Wand Cloth x 2 - Blue. 20x20cm
  • Designed to thoroughly clean the steam wand of milk crust residue. Best results are achieved with a damp cloth.
Cleaning Cloth - Green. 30x30cm
  • Designed to assist in quick and easy cleaning of stainless steel and other hard surfaces leaving the machine and surrounds looking great.

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