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Nivona CafeRomantica 960 Coffee Machine

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Nivona CafeRomantica 960 Coffee Machine

Nivona 960 is the newest 2019 addition to Nivona coffee machine family and it's especially designed for those who appreciate usability, style, great coffee and configuration options. The Nivona 960 packs features 5 inch touch screen display and 9 own recipes that you can save. Most importantly, the coffee brewing quality is excellent with Nivona and you can enjoy cappuccino, cafe latte, americano or espresso with a smile on your face. Having enough of options to modify your favorite recipes is important and you can definitely do that with Nivona. The 960 CafeRomantica includes the Aroma Balance System which allows the user to adjust the aroma profile of the drink easily - the machine does the rest (pressure, infusion & pre-infusion time adjustments). You can choose own aroma profile for each drink.

Nivona 960 has a large 2.2 liter water tank and extremely low noise hardened steel conical grinder. Maintenance of the machine is very easy and it tells you always what to do on its color display.

The inbuilt Bluetooth-connection allows you to use the coffee machine with your mobile phone applicaiton and save your favorite recipe to your phone. You can then order the drinks with your mobile, if you wish to.

You can use your favorite milk or vegan milk. Pour milk to a second cup and insert the milk system hose in there - the machine makes you a delicious cappuccino in no time! Nivona 960 comes with a 1 liter milk container that you can use when making constantly more coffee portions.

The package includes Claris water filter, cleaning tablets, 1 lite milk container, milk hose and a measuring spoon.

  • 5 inch colour TFT touch display
  • Stylish black design
  • OneTouch Spumatore
  • Aroma Balance System with 3 aroma profiles
  • My Coffee: 9 individual beverage recipe storable
  • Integrated Bluetooth for NIVONA App use
  • Extra large water tank: 2,2 l
  • 270 coffee bean container
  • Live programming of all recipes
  • Extremely low noise, hardened steel conical grinder
  • Special cappuccino program to take control of your cappuccino recipe
  • Noise insulation
  • Removable brewing unit for easy and hygienic cleaning
  • Coffee temperature adjustable in 4 stages 
  • Coffee strength adjustable in 5 stages
  • ECO mode and zero watt energy saving
  • Automatic rinse system for milk frother
  • Hygienic care programmes for cleaning, descaling and rinsing at the touch of a button
  • Up to 14 cm height-adjustable coffee outlet
  • Cup illumination for an extra aesthetic appeal
  • Automatic level monitoring for water and coffee beans
  • Degree of grinding individually adjustable
  • Cup stand with warming function
  • Hot water for tea adjustable
  • Extra coffee powder compartment
  • Aroma protection lid
  • 15 bar pump pressure
  • Easy to move with rear rollers
  • Including a CLARIS fresh water filter, cleaning tablets, milk hose, milk container and measuring spoon

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