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Warrior Coffee Ethiopia Suke Quto Organic

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Warrior Coffee Ethiopia Suke Quto Organic

We’ve been waiting for this coffee and it's here NOW - only limited edition!

Warrior Coffee has its 5 years anniversary this summer, and we wanted to roast something special! The coffee is an organic coffee from the Suke Quto farm, in the Guji zone in Ethiopia. Even though the origins of coffee are hard to pinpoint and up for debate, Ethiopia is one of the prime estimates. Ethiopian coffees have played an important role in all of our coffee journeys, opening a window to something exotic, interesting and different. To celebrate our 5th birthday, we want to offer you a peek from this window as well!

The Suke Quto farm got started after a bush fire. Tesfaye Bekele wanted to protect the nearby forests, giving out seedlings of coffee- and shade-plants to his community. Hiring 150 workers to plant the seedlings in the burnt areas, he fulfilled his dream of an ecologically sustainable coffee that would also provide more financial stability for the farmers. The coffee comes from 68 smallholders, and grows naturally in the midst of other plants, helping to keep the soil and wildlife diversity.

In addition to preserving the nature and wildlife of the area, Bekele also wanted Suke Quto to benefit the people, and especially the children in the community. Together with Trabocca (the green coffee sourcing company), they have built a new school building for the 1200 children in the area, enabling more children to go to school at once, while also making the building more functional for educational purposes.

This coffee is unique for us. It has a very complex and nuanced flavor profile. Depending on the brew method, you can find peach, citrus and floral notes in the flavor and aroma. There’s also a hint of apple-cider in there.

Try it. Maybe you’ll be surprised!

Organic Certified Specialty Coffee

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Altitude: 1800 - 2200m above sea level 
Processing: Washed Arabica
Roast: Light roast (read more about our roastery here)
Taste Profile: Fruity and hints of citrus, floral notes and apple-cider
Perfect for: Filter coffee, French Press, Chemex, V60, AeroPress, Espresso

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How to make butter coffee

Making butter coffee has never been this easy! You can either use the Instant Warrior Coffee sachets to make your butter coffee super easily, literally anywhere in the world (read more here). On the video we also show you the traditional way and recipe for making the energizing power drink. Enjoy!

About the video: Eveliina Tistelgren is a professional fitness athelete and a Warrior Coffee Ambassador.

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