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Honduras COMSA Organic

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Honduras COMSA Organic

Here's a special delicacy from the Comsa co-operative in Marcala, Honduras.

Comsa was founded in 2000, at the time of the last global coffee crisis. Many farmers had to flee their farms, move abroad, to look for better work and income for their families. 45 smallholders decided that they have to find an alternative and more sustainable way to trade coffee so they decided to establish an organic coffee co-operative. And so they did - Comsa has grown to encompass 800 smallholders!

They are committed in both ecological sustainability and social responsibility. Comsa offers their members education in developing better organic farming practices, laboratory facilities for soil analysis, work in the community with different social projects (e.g. building schools) and pay a fair amount for the coffee.

This coffee is a blend of different varietals, from several different smallholders in the Marcala area. It is honey-processed coffee  - but this process has nothing to do with actual honey:). There are some variations to the process, but in the case of this coffee, it goes approximately like this:

After picking, the berry is left to ferment with the pulp and all for about 24 hours. After that, most of the pulp is removed and only a thin layer of honey-like mucilage is left on the bean. It is left like this to ferment for another 24 hours. The beans are then floated in water (but not washed) to remove the excess mucilage, after which they are dried for 2-3 weeks on raised beds.

In the coffee you can find notes of ripe blackcurrants, a sweet appley acidity and a pleasant smooth mouthfeel. All in all, a very vivacious yet balanced coffee.

Organic Certified Specialty Coffee

Origin: Marcala, Honduras
Altitude: 1300 - 2000m above sea level 
Processing: Honey processed Arabica
Roast: Light roast (read more about our roastery here)
Taste Profile: Ripe blackcurrants, sweet apple acidity, balanced mouthfeel
Perfect for: Filter coffee, French Press, Chemex, V60, AeroPress, Espresso

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