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Single Sensitive Decaf Fairtrade Organic Coffee

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Single Sensitive Decaf Fairtrade Organic Coffee

Single Origin and decaf, what's the buzz? Single Sensitive Decaf is a unique specialty coffee for those who love the taste of good coffee, but don't need the caffeine. This coffee is a delicious artisan product, but without caffeine. A standard 200 millilitre filter coffee cup contains about 100mg of caffeine. A cup of the same size from Single Sensitive Decaf coffee beans contains 0mg of caffeine.

Single Sensitive Decaf contain only Peruvian single origin coffee beans that have been decaffeinated completely without chemicals by the Swiss Water method. All of Warrior Coffee’s coffees are organically certified and most are also Fairtrade certified. So is this coffee, of course.

Caffeine is our dear friend, but sometimes there are days when less is enough. It has taken us years to find and make decaffeinated coffee that meets our standards (taste, specialty coffee, organic, Fairtrade, chemical-free decaffeination), but here it is.

Available only on our webstore. LIMITED EDITION! 0kg of coffee left (updated 8.9.2021)

Decaffeinated Coffee

Origin: Peru
Altitude: 2000 m
Processing: Swiss Water (chemical free decaf), washed
Roast: Medium dark 4/5
Taste Profile: Chocolate notes, well balanced, low acidity
Perfect for: Filter coffee, French Press, Cowboy coffee

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How to make butter coffee

Making butter coffee has never been this easy! You can either use the Instant Warrior Coffee sachets to make your butter coffee super easily, literally anywhere in the world (read more here). On the video we also show you the traditional way and recipe for making the energizing power drink. Enjoy!

About the video: Eveliina Tistelgren is a professional fitness athelete and a Warrior Coffee Ambassador.

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