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Wilfa kitchen scale KW-4

Brand: Wilfa
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Wilfa kitchen scale KW-4

Correct ratio (water-coffee) is everything when you want to succeed in your coffee or butter coffee making. By measuring your water and coffee correctly, you'll reach the best results every time. As a rule of thumb you should use about 60 grams of coffee for every liter of water (filter coffee). Wilfa KW-4 is very accurate kitchen scale made from stainless steel. Weighs up to 5kg in grams or oz. Can measure water quantity, too. Large easy-read display.

  • Weighs up to 5kg
  • Units in grams and oz + liquids
  • Reset and memory function
  • Large easy-read display
  • Little storage space needed

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How to make butter coffee

Making butter coffee has never been this easy! You can either use the Instant Warrior Coffee sachets to make your butter coffee super easily, literally anywhere in the world (read more here). On the video we also show you the traditional way and recipe for making the energizing power drink. Enjoy!

About the video: Eveliina Tistelgren is a professional fitness athelete and a Warrior Coffee Ambassador.

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