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Clean Drop Coffee Maker Cleaning Aid

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Clean Drop Coffee Maker Cleaning Aid

Cleaning your coffee maker with Clean Drop is very easy. It removes efficiently chalk and other impurities from your coffee maker, making your coffee taste better. Clean Drop has been designed in the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC). Each package includes 5 single use sachets. Can be used to descale Nivona coffee machines, too.

How often you should clean your coffee maker? As a rule of thumb, the more you use your coffee maker, the more you should clean it. If you use your coffee maker daily, we recommend using one Clean Drop Sachet every 2 weeks. Even if you don't remember to do it this often, do it sometimes and keep drinking tasty coffee.

Each coffee maker collects residues of chalk and other impurities from the water. Never fill the water tank with a dirty pot (don't use your coffee pot at all), because all the impurities will stick to the heating system of your coffee maker and that makes your coffee taste bad.

How to:

  • Pour 1 liter of room temperature water in the water container. Add a sachet of Clean Drop.
  • Start the coffee maker. Stop the coffee maker after one minute and leave it for few minutes for the solution to work, then start it again.
  • Clean the pot and filter holder with the solution. Run clean water through the coffee maker a couple of times.

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